daycare3 Doggie Daycare, Doggy Daycare, Dog Daycare – call it what you will, we do it in a special way. Our playgroups are never left unattended while playing. The room is capped at 10 dogs per group, groups are appropriately chosen based on personality types and all dogs are formally introduced to each other prior to off-leash playtime. The dogs are all given a break in the middle of the day to minimize stress but maximize fun. The daycare dogs enjoy tons of natural light in the bright playroom. Dogs are allowed into groups based on their size and personality.  Here, they are given the best of both worlds: time to romp, play, and socialize in a group setting as well as private solo time to get a break from the group excitement.  Dogs that enjoy daycare here will have the chance to let off some energy and get exercise while still not experiencing the stress associated with a full day of group interactions. Dogs that do not play well with others will still be allowed to come for daycare and receive personalized attention from our dedicated staff.  

Requirements for daycare:


  • Good temperament, non-aggressive toward dogs and humans
  • Spayed/Neutered if over 6 months of age (for group play privileges)
  • Current rabies, DAPP (distemper, adenovirus/hepatitis, parvovirus, parinfluenza), and BV (bordetella) vaccinations
  • Free of intestinal parasites
  • Free of fleas/ticks
  • Click HERE for detailed daycare requirements.

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