Dr. Amy & staff supports your bond with your pet and understands that value. We strive to provide services and recommendations that promote and strengthen your bond through healthier living, longer life, and happy pets.

Your pet benefits – WCVC is a “happy” place for your pet to visit. We find that animals that have more time with us are more at ease. When we can keep your pet for the day, they can have their procedures done over a longer period or time.

Your benefits – You have a hectic schedule and finding time to schedule your pet for an appointment may be difficult (especially if an emergency arises). The drop-off allows you to complete the tasks that you need to do in your day while your pet is well cared for and properly evaluated.

Your doctor benefits – The doctors and staff of West Chester Veterinary Care feel that a complete physical examination and proper work-up of sick cases are essential. We appreciate having ample time to do the examination and diagnostics necessary for your pet’s medical care.


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puppy4Puppy Preschool

Tuesdays and Thursdays at WCVC

Socialization and Habituation for your pup’s development

Your puppy will receive proper dog socialization under controlled conditions, discover new experiences, and learn about handling.


Read more about our Puppy Preschool here!


 Kitten Kindergarten

Socialization and Habituation for your kitty’s development

Your kitten will receive proper socialization under controlled conditions, discover new experiences, and learn about handling.




Read more about our Kitten Kindergarten here!

What will my pet learn?

Each visit will focus on different experiences and we will re-visit them over time. You will receive a report card to track your pet’s progress and you will have a bit of homework to complete as well.

Examples of what we will work on:

  • getting hugged (handling)
  • tooth brushing
  • scales and tables
  • ear handling/cleaning
  • nail trimming
  • entering/exiting their cage

We treat your exotic pets, too! Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs, snakes, lizards and many more!Call for details. 513-942-WCVC (9282)


Drop-Off Appointments

Convenient drop-off for dogs and cats to help your busy schedule.


Minimal waiting

Appointments are scheduled so your pet receives immediate care.


Ideal Appointment Times

Longer appointment time to allow for comprehensive care.


Premium care

Ensuring your pet's visit is as stress-free as possible.


Well Lit And Welcoming

Maximum and natural light throughout the facility.


Super friendly staff

Our helpful staff take the time needed to make your pet feel safe.