WCVC offers drop-off appointments to help accomodate your busy schedule. These appointments are available for both dogs and cats.

How they work:

Call or email the office ahead of time to schedule your drop-off day.

Plan to drop off your pet between 7:30 and 9:00 AM. We can accomodate later drop-offs, but this must be arranged as a special case situation.

Your pet will stay with us until at least 2:30. They can go home as late as 5:45 PM.

All procedures will be discussed with you ahead of time and no unauthorized procedures will be performed. We will provide estimates of cost for all recommended procedures – if quotes are not discussed, please ask – we will be happy to review charges with you.

Your dog will receive free personal play time and walks outside as part of their day.

We typically do not feed the pets left for drop-offs unless specifically requested. You are free to bring along food or snacks for them if you wish. All pets are offered ample quantities of fresh water.

How to expedite the process:

Please fill out the “drop off questionnaire” located here and bring it with you when you drop off your pet in the morning. The individual in the household that is most familiar with the pet’s condition should fill this form out. Another family member or friend can drop the pet off.

Please provide several reliable contact phone numbers where you can be reached during the day to answer questions about your pet’s health and authorize procedures the doctor recommends.

Why this is helpful:

Your pet benefits – We want, more than anything, to be a “happy” place for your pet to visit. We find that animals that have more time with us are more at ease. When we can keep your pet for the day, they can have their procedures done over a longer period or time. If they become stressed, we can let them rest and then try again later. We manage to avoid extensive restraint in this fashion.

Your benefits – You have a hectic schedule and finding time to schedule your pet for an appointment may be difficult (especially if an emergency arises). You may have an assumption based on former experiences that a veterinary examination should take 5-10 minutes, and get frustrated when we take longer. The drop-off allows you to complete the tasks that you need to do in your day while your pet is well cared for and properly evaluated.

Your doctor benefits – Dr. Hellard and the staff of West Chester Veterinary Care feel that a complete physical examination and proper work-up of sick cases are essential. We appreciate having ample time to do the examination and diagnostics necessary for your pet’s medical care.

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