How can I switch to WCVC for my pet’s care?

Simply give us a call and let us know the name and phone number of your former veterinarian. We will call and request your pet’s records to ensure we are not repeating any vaccines or services that have already been done.

Do I need to be a client of the hospital in order to board my pet or utilize dayboarding at WCVC?

No. You may remain a client at any veterinary hospital or clinic of your choosing. We believe in the relationship that develops between you and your veterinarian and support that bond.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer our Pet Savings Plan in order to help you budget for your pet’s care without forcing your pet into a “wellness package†that may or may not suit his/her lifestyle. Please click here for more details on our Pet Savings Plan.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Our doctor hours are by appointment only so that you and your pet will receive premium care each time you visit without a long wait.

What do I do if my pet is having an emergency?

During normal business hours, please call to let us know what is happening with your pet, even if you are on your way. We can prepare for your arrival and receive the emergency if we have a little warning. It is possible that your pet may be better served by one of Cincinnati’s specialty emergency centers. We can guide you better once we know more about your pet’s situation. If it is after hours please call MedVet Cincinnati or the CARE center.

Why do you require fecals every six months for boarding?

Intestinal parasites are a risk anywhere your pet goes. We follow this guideline so that not only does your pet enter our care parasite-free, but will also leave the same way. This is a relaxed stance from the current recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).