Most of us don’t make a habit of looking at our pet’s teeth on a regular basis.  This is unfortunate, since our pet’s mouths can be a true source of discomfort and disease when not cared for properly.  Even my own dog’s mouth can get worse than I imagine it is.  I cleaned my dog’s teeth yesterday.  They were… you guessed it… worse than I imagined.  I knew my dog had bad breath and some tartar build up, but it wasn’t until I cleaned his teeth that I realized how dirty they really were.  My technician and I spent a great deal of time scaling, scraping, and polishing until we finally cleared away the harmful tartar that had built up and addressed the gingivitis that would lead to horrible abscessed roots if left for much longer.  I’m pleased to report that we were able to avoid extractions this time, but in the future I’ll be quicker to address the problem!  I encourage everyone to check their pet’s mouth frequently and report to their veterinarian if they notice red gums or tartar building up.  Early intervention will save your pet pain and discomfort in the future.