We specialize in caring for dogs, cats, pocket pets and exotics. Our focus is on client education and preventive medicine for pets of all ages.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

tour_surgerySurgery – When your pets come to us for surgery, you can be guaranteed they will receive the finest care. We strongly recommend pre-anesthetic blood work prior to surgical procedures. We also offer IV fluid therapy, which helps your pet avoid dehydration and maintain normal body function in all systems. We maximize body warmth through heating pads that are utilized in all of our surgeries. Your pets will recover under the watchful eye of our trained staff. We can allow them to wake up in a quiet recovery room where we can observe them through a window rather than disturbing them. Once your pet has fully recovered, we offer food and water when appropriate and prepare them for their trip home to be with you.

tour_recoveryWards – Your pets will be kept in clean and comfortable cages or runs during their stay with us.  In the recovery ward noise will be kept to a minimum as animals wake up from procedures.  This is also where your hospitalized cat will be kept under our watchful eyes.  In the dog ward we offer three large runs as well as cages to fit all dogs.  We keep dogs together here as a way of minimizing noise in the rest of the hospital as well as offering to meet their special needs.

tour_radiologyRadiology – In this room our equipment is used to capture and develop detailed images of our patient’s organs and bone structure. Using this procedure we can quickly and accurately diagnose you pet’s problems.

hospital-treatTreatment – This high-traffic area of the hospital is the epicenter of all that we do.  We have wet treatment tables on which we can carry out procedures such as dental cleanings and treat wounds.  We also have a lift table where we can raise large dogs to a working level and accomplish nearly any task.

tour_labLaboratory – Here we can prepare tissue samples, run urine-analysis, check fecal samples for intestinal parasites, examine blood smears, and examine other samples from your pet to accurately diagnose common disorders.

tour_pharmacyPharmacy – This busy area is where we will dispense medications, supplements, vitamins, and preventatives for all your pets’ needs.

Isolation – If your pets are sick with a contagious disease, we will keep them in our isolation ward to avoid contamination of the rest of the hospital.  Here, they can be observed through a window in the door or checked on by a staff member who is gowned and gloved.  All intensive care can be provided to them while keeping their air supply separate from the rest of the hospital.