Kitten Kindergarten

Socialization and Habituation for your kitty’s development

Your kitten will receive proper socialization under controlled circumstances, discover new experiences, and learn about handling.

We have limited availability, so reserve your spot early! Please call us for pricing and availability.




Details: Please schedule your days and provide us with your kitten’s vaccination history ahead of time Your kitten must be on a flea-kill preventative if old enough to receive it Drop off your kitty between 8:00 and 9:00 AM, pick up between 3:30 and 5:00 PM Bring your kitten’s dry and wet food along – we will use it for his/her training We can only accept kittens under 14 weeks of age, we prefer to have them when under 10 weeks old All kittens must be transported in an appropriate carriergoodcatlife

What will my kitten learn?

Each visit will focus on different experiences and we will re-visit them over time. You will receive a report card to track his/her progress and you will have a bit of homework to complete as well. Examples of what we will work on:

  • getting hugged (handling)
  • tooth brushing
  • scales and tables
  • ear handling
  • nail trimming
  • entering/exiting their cage