Our boarding kennel was designed to be small in order to keep a close eye on all pets that are in our care.

Note that a deposit is required for boarding reservations. Please contact the office for details.

We are located just off I-75 to allow easy access to all of northern Cincinnati as well as Dayton, Middletown, and Monroe to the north

Cat Boarding

The cat lodge contains custom-built condominiums that offer a variety of experiences for your cat.  Shy cats will be placed away from the viewing window so they may maintain their privacy while outgoing cats will be provided condos with a view.  Senior cats that have difficulty jumping onto the built-in sleeping platforms will be placed in a longer condo that does not require them to jump.  Litter boxes are kept separate from the food, water, and sleeping areas.  Feliway, a comforting pheromone aromatherapy is provided around the clock in the lodge area.  Dogs are prohibited from entering the cat lodge and it is isolated from the view and noise of dogs in the kennel area.

Requirements for cat lodging:

  • Good temperament
  • Current FeLV (leukemia) vaccination and/or FeLV (leukemia) test
  • Current rabies and PRC (panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus) vaccination
  • Free of fleas/ticks

Dog Boarding

One of our specialties is extended stay boarding. For pets that stay with us for more than two weeks, we apply discounted boarding rates. Pets that stay for a month are given a second tier discount. The free play times allow dogs daily exercise (Monday through Friday) so they don’t feel cooped up.

Dogs are given appropriate sized runs with bedding and ample fresh water. We can feed our highly digestible prescription diet or your food (no change in cost). Dogs are given free play times Monday through Friday with plenty of walks. This may be group daycare or individual play, depending on personality and preference. All dogs are guaranteed three walks per day and typically get four to six walks on weekdays. Easily administrated medications are given at no charge. Cots are available to rent.

Requirements for our kennel:


  • Good temperament
  • Current Rabies, DAPP (distemper, adenovirus/hepatitis, parvovirus, parinfluenza), and Bordetella vaccinations
  • Free of intestinal parasites
  • Free of fleas/ticks

Click HERE for lodging rates.
Click HERE for detailed lodging requirements.

Exotic boarding

Yes, we board exotics too. Please contact our office for more details.