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Leash pulling and how to take a pleasant walk with your dog

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It is not enjoyable to take a dog for a walk that pulls on the leash. Furthermore, your friends and family don’t particularly want to help care for your dog when you are away because he or she is hard to handle. It’s also unpleasant for your groomer, boarding kennel, and veterinarian. In this instance, […]

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What age should I adopt?

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So you are looking to adopt a puppy or kitten, dog or cat… what age should you get? That depends on a lot of factors. Let me try to explain some differences in your choices and what you may find with each stage of life. I am striving to keep these explanations brief, so please […]

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Setting Heartworms Straight

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Every dog owner knows that their pet should be on monthly heartworm prevention. Heartworms sure sound like a bad thing – I mean worms that live in the heart – not cool, right? Right!I have discovered lately that some thoughts and general knowledge vary among my dog-owning friends and clients and felt it was time […]

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Did you know that dogs and cats can develop behaviors in their old age that are the same as dementia in humans?  We know that we (humans) are prone to cognitive impairment as we age and that it affects our memory, attention, problem solving, and language.  We also can suffer from disorientation as the condition […]

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The Benefits of Fatty Acids

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image courtesy of Many of us have heard of the benefits of fatty acids for some time now.  In fact, there is a great deal of good research into these products and their uses.  I will attempt to write a synopsis to help you as a possible consumer of fatty acid supplements – either […]

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Thinking of getting a new pet?

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It’s a small question on the surface, but quite loaded when you stop to consider it on a deeper level.  Many people who decide to purchase/rescue a new pet realize the importance of their decision and take certain factors into account.  This forethought is very much needed, however the full implication is still frequently underestimated.  […]

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Cold weather tips for your pets

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Cold weather tips for your pets We have just come through a very rough spell of extremely cold weather and there may be more in our future.  Here is a quick refresher on some cold weather issues that may crop up for you and your pets. Not all pets have the same tolerance for cold […]

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Holiday Pet Hazards It seems that every year we hear about seasonal dangers that could affect our pets.  At the risk of being redundant, I will review them again for you.  A refresher is always nice to have and some “dangers” are more serious than others.  That being said, if your pet is acting unusual, […]

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Help! The groomer nicked my pet!

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Help! The groomer nicked my pet! This is certainly something that no one wants to think about, but one risk factor of pet grooming is the occasional cut.  Shoot, that’s a big part of why we don’t do it ourselves – we have a professional do the work! Even a pro can occasionally snip the […]