The Benefits of Fatty Acids

image courtesy of Many of us have heard of the benefits of fatty acids for some time now.  In fact, there is a great deal of good research into these products and their uses.  I will attempt to write a synopsis to help you as a possible consumer of fatty acid supplements – either […]

Thinking of getting a new pet?

It’s a small question on the surface, but quite loaded when you stop to consider it on a deeper level.  Many people who decide to purchase/rescue a new pet realize the importance of their decision and take certain factors into account.  This forethought is very much needed, however the full implication is still frequently underestimated.  […]

Flea prevention low-down

Not all flea preventatives are created equal.  There are quite a few flea prevention products that we see on the shelves of pet stores and advertised through on-line pharmacies.  Some cost more than others and some require a veterinary prescription.  In my opinion, the primary and important difference in flea prevention is in “speed of […]

Cats need care, too!

Cats are more popular pets than dogs; however they visit the vet a lot less often, according to a study done last year by the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Some statistics I have read estimate they see the vet half as often as dogs.  Cats do, in fact, require regular veterinary visits.  Our feline friends […]