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Nothing justifies your decision to perform a procedure like the hapiness evident in your pet after it has been completed.  It’s tough to know how much a recommended procedure will help your pet until after you have gone ahead and done it!  That’s hard medicine to swallow, I realize.  Nonetheless I see this phenomenon time […]

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purchase accutane online

Yesterday I saw the worst mouth in a dog that I have ever seen.  I have truly seen some rotten teeth in my practice.  I won’t describe how nasty some dog and cat mouths can get and I will attempt to provide an adequate description here without completely grossing you out…  This dog had it […]

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where can i order isotretinoin online

Most of us don’t make a habit of looking at our pet’s teeth on a regular basis.  This is unfortunate, since our pet’s mouths can be a true source of discomfort and disease when not cared for properly.  Even my own dog’s mouth can get worse than I imagine it is.  I cleaned my dog’s […]