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We are always happy when it is time to get the Christmas tree set up and start our holiday baking.  However these two activities can potentially be harmful to your dogs and there are some things to think about while preparing for these activities. The Christmas tree should be well-secured.  It can easily be toppled […]

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Nothing justifies your decision to perform a procedure like the hapiness evident in your pet after it has been completed.  It’s tough to know how much a recommended procedure will help your pet until after you have gone ahead and done it!  That’s hard medicine to swallow, I realize.  Nonetheless I see this phenomenon time […]

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Yesterday I saw the worst mouth in a dog that I have ever seen.  I have truly seen some rotten teeth in my practice.  I won’t describe how nasty some dog and cat mouths can get and I will attempt to provide an adequate description here without completely grossing you out…  This dog had it […]

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Most of us don’t make a habit of looking at our pet’s teeth on a regular basis.  This is unfortunate, since our pet’s mouths can be a true source of discomfort and disease when not cared for properly.  Even my own dog’s mouth can get worse than I imagine it is.  I cleaned my dog’s […]

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There are so many parasites out there than can affect your dog and your cat.  When you visit the vet they rattle off all these names and it is truly confusing.  I wanted to refresh your memory about one parasite in particular – heartworms.  Yup – they live in the heart.  Technically, the adult worms […]